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 A couple of weeks ago, I made an unplanned Doctor’s appointment to relieve my ear that was completely closed by wax.  As you might guess, I had used an over-the counter product, and the results were not in my favor.   I might as well have been listening to someone underwater.  I found myself compensating for the loss of hearing in that ear.  I would turn my good ear towards the speaker, step closer to the speaker, ask the speaker to enunciate, and then say, “Whaaaaaat!?!?!?” This was my pattern for 7 days. Of course, I kept thinking it would get better, but that never happened.  

At my appointment, I told my Doctor everything:  why I thought I needed to address the excess wax in my ear, using the OTC product to do so, and then living with the results for 7 days.  He nodded his head as he recognized what had happened. I, also, added how stupid I felt that I had caused my predicament.  He calmly replied that I was in good company of a lot of people.  No judgment here.

The procedure begins.  I’m thinking that we are going to do an ear irrigation, but that is not so.  The wax in my ear was to be suctioned out. I’ll just call it a vacuum cleaner.  The vacuum cleaner seemed to go on for several minutes and I would hear “uh huh,” “almost,” “let’s get this……,” and THEN he said, “Can you hear now?”  Indeed I could!  It was like someone had turned on the light switch: one second I couldn’t hear, and the next second I could. The Doctor turned to fill out my record, and I said, “I think you might be Jesus!” I saw him visibly stop what he was doing and then tilt his head.  After a pause he thoughtfully said, “I’ll take that."  It was received in the manner in which I delivered it-with sincerity.    

We see Jesus everyday through people’s skills, compassions, kindness, giving, listening-the list can go on and on. I, without, fail, see Jesus here at Holy Cross Lutheran through each and every one of you. (Kelsey Ellis taught me about Jesus sightings!) Your talents and gifts are many.  Thank you for allowing Jesus to shine through you (and through my Doctor!).      

Becky Jones
Worship and Music Coordinator