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Beginning August 1st, Misty Lampshire will be working as a joint pastoral intern between Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Augustana Lutheran Church.  As the church council deliberated over the best ways to staff the pastoral positions at Holy Cross during this time of transition, the opportunity to share an intern with Augustana came up and seemed like a wonderful fit.  

Having a pastoral intern not only provides additional support for teaching. preaching, and pastoral care, but also allows Holy Cross the opportunity to participate in the education and training of future leaders within our church!  With 56 pastoral vacancies in Nebraska alone, this is a much needed service.  I am very excited for the opportunity to host a pastoral intern and I believe this will be a great opportunity for everyone involved.

Misty and her wife Jackie, along with their daughter Jordan, will be moving to Omaha from Berkeley California, where Misty is currently a seminary student.

I am thrilled to have Misty be a part of our ministry team over the coming year.  We will be welcoming Misty and her family in early August (stay tuned for more information!).  Please make a point of introducing yourself and making them feel at home as part of our Holy Cross family.

Below is Misty’s bio along with a few pictures of her and her family.