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 Some of us struggle about what to “give up” for Lent.  Then, I ran across a Facebook post from Fr. Ken Saunders of St. James Episcopal Church in Greeneville, TN: 

“This Lent, keep the chocolate and give up bigotry, judgment, misogyny,
hatred, bias, & divisiveness. 
Love God, love your neighbor.  No exceptions!"   

I got real excited when I read, “Keep the chocolate.”  This is the best Lent ever!  Yet, I read the word, “give up.”  How do I do that? I find myself thinking that bigotry, judgment, misogyny, hatred, bias, & divisiveness couldn't possibly apply to me but certainly to “other” people.  WHOOOOAAAAAA, horsey!  Thank goodness for Lent and a dedicated time for reflection. 

During Lent, my focus is to use my words and actions for the positive. Do my words and actions speak in kindness or in a hurtful, harmful way?  Remember as a child you were told to say it over in your mind 10 times before you said it out loud, and if it didn’t sound kind by the tenth time, don’t say it all?!?  This is my plan and a year-round plan at that! 

I suppose by now you have guessed that I am keeping chocolate in my life, even during Lent.  However, I think it is a fair trade if I can eliminate any hint of  bigotry, judgment, misogyny, hatred, bias, & divisiveness.  Yes, I will love God and my neighbor-no exceptions and not only for Lent.  What to do after Lent?  I will carry on.  That’s what I will do.  This is a lifetime commitment.  

Becky Jones
Worship & Music Coordinator