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What a fantastic year it has been for music and definitely not a year that I would have predicted!  Here are the phrases that I have used this year:   “A  leap of faith,” “ Trust,”  “No worries,” “See  ya when I see ya,” “We’re trying something new,” and “Really, don’t worry.”     

So, let me begin by saying a BIG THANK  YOU to all of those who have been part of the HCLC Music Program!!!!!!   From each and everyone of you, you gave me your best.  That, within itself, is a tremendous gift.  (Okay, so I do like a good start and a solid ending!)  

The Journey:  I have been fortunate enough to have those who  participate in the music program to go on a journey not quite knowing where we were going to end up. Trust is a highly sought after commodity, and you grace me with it.  

The kids: They are slinging scarves, doing rhythm sticks, playing ukes, and beating the tubes, and NONE of that was on my planning agenda except for the Radical Ringers.  It came about due to Covid-19 preventative measures.  Folks, it  worked.  We have a GREAT group of  kids!  

Then, there are the adults. Carolon Bell choir was able to meet again and work on pieces that led us all  the way through Easter and beyond.  Worship Teams showed up in June of 2022 with their  guitars/bass/drums/voices and welcomed being back. The sound booth has upgraded  equipment. Check out some of the FB services.  The camera work rocks!  Thanks, Ed and crew!  

The masks?   Chancel  Choir had their challenge.  With the mask, it  was really hard to sing those long, legato lines and then hit that high note at the end with one breath.  Stagger breathing was the name of the  game.  However, we made  it and with flying colors.  Restrictions were amended using the CDC guidelines, and the Chancel choir and all the other groups were  able to sing/play  without masks.     

My favorite piece of the year:   “Through the Window.”  It is a piece that included not only the adults and the Middle School and High School participants, but, also, the children. You could call it an Intergenerational piece as there were four-year-olds to those who are now gleefully retired.  My heart  was all a flutter! 

 My favorite party? Oh, the end-of-the-year party with the kids where we watched the Children’s Led Service,  played  bean-bag toss with a moveable bucket (That was pretty exciting!), ate food, and then headed outside for a game of Chase and Red Rover. Readers,  it  was a good night when you get  picked  for the Red Rover Team, especially since I am over twenty.  It  was a blast! (Please note: I did  not run across the yard. I danced and then “pretended” to run 3  feet away from the fortified human chain. The suspense expressed with high-pitched giggles was killing them!)  

I thank you, my friends, for all of your participation.  To be clear, music is not over.  This is just a joyful summation of September -April.  You will see plenty of music in May and in the summer months to come with groups and solos. 


Musically Yours,

Becky Jones (she/her)
Worship and Music Coordinator