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   Kids:  We are having a BLAST!  Wednesday evenings, you can hear the glorious sounds from the choir room with 8 ukuleles playing at the same time! That Ukulele Choir is your kindergarten-5th graders.  Then, those kids head over to the bell tables where they become Radical Ringers.  (Hear the Radical Ringers at the October 3 service.)  

Sunday mornings, the Sunday School Kids are doing movement to some very famous words:  The New Testament books of the Bible  and the Lord’s Prayer.  I can’t wait for you to see them.  You, too, get to participate, but don’t worry.   You will not have to do the movement. We will just leave that up to the kids! (Dear parent’s of all the fabulous kids:  check below for the Ringing/movement/Uke schedule!)  

Middle School/High School Bells:  We have four new ringers who have joined the others!  I am so excited! Just so you know, those Radical Ringing years HAVE NOT gone to waste! 

Adults: How nice it has been to see the  Carolon and Chancel Choirs at rehearsal!  Our special music on Sunday mornings looks a wee bit different this year as we continue with our one service at 9:30 a.m.  So, you may not see Chancel Choir or Carolon Choir every week, but we are REHEARSING every week!   

Sunday Morning Music Teams:  What fun it is to be back together adding different voices and instrumentation to the service. Members of the group are very faithful and have been great at trying different genres of music. 

Sound and Projection:  We are back up and running with slides on the wall for in-person service.  Way to go, Sound and Projection! We really can't do it without  you! 

I am looking forward to the joyful noise (or breeze if you are in movement!)  that all the choirs will make in the fall days ahead.  What I love is how flexible that we all have been.  I know it is not the “norm” or “the way it use to be.”  However, it is a time that creative thinking and understanding took the driver’s seat!  I am very proud of all those involved in the music program  and appreciate the resilience of each and every one of you!