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 A Joyful Noise we are making!

The Music program at Holy Cross is at full throttle, so the month of November is no exception.  Let me share with you how we are celebrating the month of November with songs of praise and thanksgiving. 

The Carolon Bell Choir plays “A Joyful Thanksgiving” by Anna Laura Page and then later in the service accompanies the Chancel Choir singing “Autumn Carol” arranged by Russell Schulz-Weidmar.  You are going to immediately recognize the tune as soon as you hear the lyrics “Sing to the Lord of harvest.”  They are beautiful pieces that make you want to sing and sway to the music! 

What’s even more exciting is the Fall debut of the Middle/High School Bell Choir (and friends) playing “Cantate!” arranged by Brian Childers.  It is such a joyful piece and the choir does a great job.  I know you are as proud of them as I am.  All of these young women and men are alums of the Radical Ringers. 

The kids of Holy Cross Lutheran are equally busy.  The Sunday School Kids present “Rejoice in the Lord Always” and hopefully in a round form!  (You know, like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”).  They are fast learners and are great at following directions. The Radical Ringers, K-2nd and 3rd-5th present their pieces “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” arranged by Martha Lynn Thompson and “He is Exalted” by Twila Paris and arranged by Peggy Bettcher, respectively.  I am SUPER excited to have so many kids interested in bells.  The result?  There are now TWO Radical Ringer Choirs:  K-2nd and 3rd-5th.   But wait….there is more.  What’s even more impressive is that the 3rd-5th graders are not only ringers, but they are, also, TEACHERS!  They are helping the K-2nd graders with their rhythm and timing.  Way to go, Radical Ambassadors!

Last but not least, the Uke Choir is working on their piece, “This is the Day,” by Les Garrett.  It is a simple, catchy song, and the uke players are putting all of their new chords to work. Once again, they are ready to accompany the congregation.  It is a fun rehearsal because not only do we have time to practice, but we have time to talk and laugh.  I look forward to Wednesday nights being with the Uke players and the Radical Ringers.  They are impressive human beings!

On any given Sunday morning, you can count on the weekly Worship Leaders to be playing and singing  in the Choir loft.  They lead your favorite hymns along with the newer repertory. How very fortunate we are to have so many people that want to participate in the Music Program here at HCLC! 

In conclusion, November seems to be the month of thankfulness.  Indeed, I give thanks for all of the choirs & music teams and for all the joyful noises they make.  It may not always be right note, but it is certainly done with the joy intended. That is my kind of music.  A big shout out to the Sound/Projection booth for making our joyful sounds seen and heard. 

Though it is a tad early, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your family, seeing your friends, and making a joyful noise! Musically yours, Becky Jones