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 Palm Sunday is a celebration where we wave our palms and sing “All Glory Laud and Honor.”  The children are part of the celebration ringing and singing as well. Though we have welcomed Jesus with open arms, the mood dramatically shifts.

Maundy Thursday is a remembrance of the last Passover that Jesus celebrated with his disciples.  We, too, will celebrate the Lord’s supper as the Chancel Choir sings “Call to Remembrance” by Joseph Martin.  This piece beautifully and humbly recalls with true sincerity the words of Jesus as he shares a meal with the disciples.  It seems difficult to think that we are celebrating as Jesus did when we know what the next day will bring.  However, we strip the Sanctuary of all color as we know exactly what the next day brings.  

Good Friday in all of its blackness is dark and forlorn.  The followers of Jesus do not comprehend what has happened even though he has been preparing them for this moment.  The Carolon Bell Choir plays the haunting piece, “Prayer for the Innocents:  A Prayer of Hope and Love,”  that was written in memory of the 49 people that were killed in Orlando, FL, and for their families and loved ones of all those who have lost their lives because of hate, intolerance, and violence.  How do you find hope and justice after this terrible act of violence?  The Sanctuary, lit by candles, is the setting as we mediate in scripture and song. Our Lord has been crucified.

Yet, the  story continues.  Jesus is not dead!  He is arisen just as he said!  Easter morn, our Chancel Choir and Carolon Choir will sing and ring as we celebrate Christ who has arisen.  The sending hymn is “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You” with trumpet for the final touch.  I asked you in the March Cross Currents if you would take the journey with us.  So, I invite you again:  Will you make the journey to Easter?  See you on the road!