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I LOVE that a seed planted four years ago has sprouted, grown, and now has made a permanent residence.  What am I talking about? The Ukuleles!  (It’s a long read, so go get a glass of iced tea!!!!)

The Music Room-a bit of background story. 
Wow!  What a transformation!  Several years ago, Rohn Collins and Bill Sukstorf took on the task of transforming the beige walls and removing the curtain divider which literally ate up the room.  After painting, the file cabinets that contain the music library were moved from the north side of the wall to the south side, creating a much needed open space.  (In case you were wondering, those cabinets are not for the faint of the heart when it comes to moving them.)

At that time, Rohn said he would like to see the ukuleles hung on the wall like at a music shop.  It was a lovely idea that would give us more floor space in the choir room. As the story progresses, Rohn asked Wendy Brenner if she had any FUN ideas for hanging the ukuleles on the wall.  Answer:  Yes, Wendy had a SUPER fun concept of how to hang those ukuleles! 

The Vision Comes to Life!
Wendy brought her vision to life.  She measured, cut, painted, traced treble clefs, and carved out time signatures. Then, it was time to place on the wall. She measured, adjusted, fastened two music staffs on the wall, and then placed the hooks so that the ukes represented the tune, “Blessed are They.”   

This labor of love is not the first time Wendy has lent a hand.  The straps that you see on the ukuleles were hand-made and attached by Wendy all because she noticed the kids were having trouble holding on to the ukes.

I can’t wait for the kids to see their ukes in the Fall!   Wendy will be our guest for our first meeting in September so that she can instruct how one should remove the uke from the hook and answer any questions on how she made the wall FANTABULOUS!!!!!  Thank you, Wendy Brenner!