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The Holy Cross Lutheran Church app may be just the tool for you.  Here are the features of the HCL Church App Homepage that you might find useful:

  • Newsfeed:
    • Current Events from the website
    • Events listed on HCL Church Calendar
    • Current Sermons with capability of listening with mp3
    • Current Blogs by staff
    • Current Facebook Posts
  • Events:
    • All  Events listed by date
  • Sermons:
    • Find a sermon by date.  
    • Watch FB Live Video
    • Listen to mp3 of sermon on-the-go.
  • Blog: 
    • Follow any of the staff with their monthly submissions.
  • Prayer Wall:
    • By pressing “add,” you can make a prayer request that all our members will be able to see.  
  • Give:
    • You can Log-in or create a log-in through Holy Cross Lutheran Church to make donations.
    • You can designate your donation:
      • General Fund
      • HCL Church Food Pantry
      • Easter Offering
      • Lutheran Disaster Response
    • You have the ability to make reoccurring donations.  

There is, also, a menu bar at the bottom of the Homepage of your App.  Here you will find:

  • Home:
    • Anytime you tap, it will take you to the main App page.
  • Calendar: 
    • All activities of HCL Church listed by date.
  • Bible:
    • Very handy!  You have access to scripture from your phone.
  • Facebook:
    •  You are taken to HCL Church FB Page where you have an option of logging in, however, not required.
  • More:
    • About us:
      • Map, directions, phone, times, website. 
    • Member Directory
      • You are taken to  Create a “Username” and “Password.”
      • This gives you access to the church directory. 
  •  Contact Staff:
    • You will see our pics, phone contacts, and emails.    
  • Holy Cross Food Pantry
  • Member Area
    • My Giving:  You are able to see your Giving Statement at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.
    • You will sign-in using the same info to access the Member Directory.

This is just an overview of what is in the Holy Cross Lutheran Church App.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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