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In late November, I mailed an Advent Activity to all of our Sunday School families. A good friend sent me a message today and asked if I could include the activity in the newsletter in case others wanted to do it as well! 

The Hopes and Fears of All Our Years

Supplies Needed:

  • Round peg clothes pin (use a marker to create a face on the peg, if desired, for Baby Jesus)
  • Strip of white cloth
  • Marker

This year has been one for the books. During this Advent season, as we wait for Emmanuel - God With Us, you are invited to name your hopes and fears. Each day of Advent, you will write a word or phrase on your cloth. You may use the daily prompts listed below or simply just name your hopes or fears for the day. 

On Christmas, you will take your peg-doll Baby Jesus and wrap him in swaddling clothes (your fabric strip of hopes and fears). Turn on "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and listen to the words as you place your Jesus under your tree or somewhere where you see him often. Let this little activity be a reminder to you that all of your hopes and fears are met in Jesus Christ on Christmas day and always. 

Daily prompts:

November 29: write something you are excited for
November 30: write something that worries you
December 1: write something that gives you hope
December 2: write something that makes you sad
December 3: write something that makes you laugh
December 4: wrote something you long to do
December 5: write the name of someone you love dearly
December 6: write the name of a place you wish you could go
December 7: write something you grieve
December 8: write the name of someone you miss
December 9: write something you are grateful for
December 10: write something you’re proud of
December 11: write something that frustrates you
December 12: write something that excites you
December 13: write something you think is silly
December 14: write something ordinary or boring
December 15: write something going on in the world right now
December 16: write something that overwhelms you
December 17: writes something that surprises you
December 18: draw a scribble for things that don’t have words
December 19: write something you don’t like doing
December 20: write something you love to do
December 21: write a word or phrase that describes you
December 22: write a word or phrase that describes your family
December 23: write something about your church
December 24: write something about Jesus


Blessed Advent to you and your families,