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It's August, and that means one thing - Back to School! I know and understand that those three words may be difficult for a lot of parents, teachers, and students this year. There is so much uncertainty and anxiety around this school year for so many people. Our teachers are being asked to do things they've never done before and are being pulled in a thousand different directions, and our students will experience a school setting different than anything they've ever known. It's hard. And weird.

But I want to remind you of one thing - you aren't alone. 

Not only is this congregation here to support you and your family, but during this time of uncertainty and uraveling, we remember that we are accompanied by a love and strength that surpasses understanding. We have a God that wraps us up and holds us tight in those moments of vulnerability. A God who weeps, wonders, and dreams with us. As we move through the month of August, yearn to feel God's presence. Look for ways that God is at work in you and your children, and remember who and whose you are.


Backpack Blessing

On Sunday, August 9th, we will be doing our annual Backpack Blessing. Students and teachers of all ages are encouraged to bring their backpacks, learn from home devices, bags, or briefcases for a blessing before we head into the school year. This will take place at our Parking Lot Worship at 9:30 AM. 

Sunday School

As most plans during this time, our Sunday School plan is very fluid. As of this exact time and day (July 23), we have decided to not meet for in-classroom Sunday School in September. We are working on ways that we can still gather together for a lesson and music/movement, and will let you know when a final plan is made. For now, just know that our creative juices are flowing, and we can't wait to see the kids again in September!

Prayer Partners

Every school year, we assign our Children's Ministry students to an adult Prayer Partner in our congregation. The two pray for each other throughout the year, and hopefully develop a meaningful friendship. If you would like to be a Prayer Partner for the 2020-2021 school year, please email me. Thank you for your help in this important ministry!