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We conclude the Narrative Lectionary Year 3 (Gospel of Luke) with three more readings from the book of Acts. Year 4 of the Narrative Lectionary, which focuses on the Gospel of John, begins September 12. We have not finalized the summer worship series yet.

On Sunday May 9th, the following five young people will Affirm their Baptisms and be confirmed: Ryan Grell, Kora Grunke, Brooke Leaders, Emma Leaders, and Jonathan Wellsandt. We are hoping the weather will allow us to have this worship service outside so that we do not have to limited the number of people who can attend.

• May 2, 5th Sunday in Easter - Retelling the Story: Acts 13:14-23, 26-31, 38-39, 42-44
• May 9, 6th Sunday in Easter - Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation)
• May 16, 7th Sunday in Easter - Council at Jerusalem: Acts 15:1-18
• May 23, Pentecost - Fruits of the Spirit: Acts 2:1-4, 12-18 & Galatians 5:22-26
• May 30, Summer Worship Series TBA


For more information about in-person worship CLICK HERE.