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February is when we “usually” celebrate Holy Cross Lutheran Church becoming a Reconciling Congregation.  Yet, you know exactly what I am going to say:  “We are in the middle of a global pandemic.  Nothing is anywhere near “usual!”  However, what has remained strong and steady is that we are and always will be a Reconciling Congregation

Everyone is welcome “At This Table” here at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, no exceptions.  Read our RIC Mission Statement.  We will miss celebrating with the River City Mixed Chorus, but one day, we will come together again.  In that, there is hope.  For some, music is our ray of hope.  It comforts.  It soothes.  It allows us to step away from the everyday grind of life, social media, and constant worry.   

If you have never heard the song “At This Table,” run, don’t walk to listen to it.  We all bring our joys and sorrows to the table where everyone is heard.  Read the lyrics written by Idina Menzel and Jonas Myrin:

At this table ev’ryone is welcome, at this table ev’ryone is seen. 
As this table ev’rybody matters, no one falls between. 

These are powerful words, and that is just the first two lines of the song.  They were so powerful that our member, Gwen Wellsandt, texted me a year ago and said we had to do this song.  She was right, and she did on January 31, 2021.  Listen to the song, and listen to the lyrics. You won’t be sorry.  This is the table that I want to be at. 

Musically Yours and inviting you to the table,
Becky Jones Worship and Music Coordinator