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The past several months, my job has taken me (and my co-workers)  to places and coerced me to attempt things that I would never have even imagined! Really, it is like a maze. You run into a wall?  You just retrace  your steps and find another path.  The result:  Creating on the fly (because what I had planned no longer worked) and thinking quick on my feet (because things changed so fast and dramatically and new strategy was required!). What an adventure!  The culprit:  the pandemic.  

How DO you make plans for the Fall season?  Don’t worry.  The creative juices are flowing.  As you can guess, once we plan something, it could very well change and shift directions at a moment’s notice.  So, let me share some music ideas that we have for the upcoming fall.  Remember, these ideas were put together knowing that we might have to scratch and start all over again or not start at all! 

Start dates?  There are no start dates.  Once the Church Council gives us the green light to return to the building and the Back in the Building Task force makes their recommendations, we will solidify  some of these ideas.  Safety is a #1 priority.  Until then………here are my ever- changing creative thoughts!   

Carolon Bell Choir Fall 2020                                                                                                                

The Bell Choir will have a different look and role.  I would like to reach out to current ringers and future ringers. The bell tables have been set-up so that six players could ring with 6 feet physical distancing.  Thus, there would now be TWO choirs for bells (if there is interest).  My intention is to have 2 one- half hour rehearsals with 15 minutes in between to disinfect the instruments.  Because we will be in an enclosed space, I would recommend masks.  Since not all bells will be used, it is an excellent opportunity to learn to play different bells!   Potentially, each bell choir would  ring once a month, maybe twice.  The repertoire will still include special music, but also learning music such as hymns, for the upcoming services.      

Chancel Choir Fall 2020                                                                                                                    

The pandemic has not been kind to the singing choirs. In fact, the droplets that are produced from singing can carry quite a distance.   Though we will not to be  able  to meet as a choir, there will be an opportunity for you to participate on Sundays as Song Leaders.  One singer for sure, perhaps two, will lead worship.  Singers would rotate each Sunday, singing a repertoire including  hymns, Sacred, and Contemporary.  In the Sanctuary, the singer(s) would be located behind individual plexiglass and physically distanced from other musicians. 

Contemporary Worship Song Leaders Fall 2020                                                                                

Our Summer Service two (or one)-singer ensemble will continue into the fall.  When we return to the Sanctuary (for traditional and Contemporary, or just one service),  singer(s) will sing behind plexiglass at a distance of 6 feet apart.  Hopefully, we will ask other instrumentalist to join us.  When this starts to unfold, I will be in touch!  

Instrumentalists Fall 2020                                                                                                                 

I hope you all are refreshed and ready to go!  Once we move back to the Sanctuary, I am hoping that we we will add a bass, guitar, keyboard, and percussion……just maybe not at the same time.   We are working on spacing in the Sanctuary and safe physical distancing of musicians and the congregation.  Potentially, you could be  located in the loft or on the floor.  (I would recommend masks.)   Our repertoire could be a wide range depending on if we return to two services or remain with one service.    

Kids Bells and Choirs, Sunday School Kids Fall 2020                                                                         

Depending on when we are able to return to the building, Radical Ringers for K-5th is going to delay their programming until the School Systems have had a chance to be in session.  When we start ringing again, we will be physically distanced and in masks.  There is, also, the possibility that we would be divided into two choirs-depending on interest.     

Singing, of course, is another subject.  There just won’t be any in person, however, I will resume my “Blue Room” series for kids to learn new songs during the fall.  When we are able to get back together, it will be fun to put those songs together!   With all that being said, a physically distanced Fall Sunday School is being discussed that Kelsey Ellis will lead after our worship service(s).  Part of that will include music, and you guessed it…….PERCUSSION AND DANCE!!!!!!!  Stay tuned for this development! 

High School/Middle School Ringers Fall 2020                                                                                    

You might have guessed it, but our starting back up depends  on when we return inside to worship.  Tentatively, we will meet on Sundays after worship, but keep an open mind as that could change.  We will wear masks and be distanced 6 feet apart.  Yes, we will take pictures!  We will rock this!!!!!!  

I love seeing you at Parking Lot Worship.  I love the artists that have shared their talent. I love Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  Thank you for letting me be a part of the journey. 

Musically yours, 

Becky Jones-Worship and Music Coordinator