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 Every Sunday when I see a particular person every week, I always ask them how they are doing.  Their never-fail response?  “I’m living the dream!”

Florence Foster Jenkins was a New York socialite who had a dream.  She was a coloratura soprano and wanted to sing opera.  Because of her wealth, she was able to hire the best voice teachers, accompanists, and rent the most prestigious halls.  If you have seen the movie, “Florence Foster Jenkins,” you will know that her instrument could not handle the operatic arias that she sang or the career that she avidly pursued.  However, because of her wealth, she was able to produce her own performances with lavish costumes. 

Really, you ask, “How does this story have anything to do with the music at Holy Cross Lutheran?"  I will elaborate.

Sing.  Sing.  Sing.  For fourteen months or longer, we suspended congregational singing because of Covid-19.  Because of our persistence (local and nationwide) of physically distancing and wearing masks, the CDC has deemed it safe for vaccinated people to not only be in church, but to SING in church!  I liken to the scenario that we didn’t know we would miss it til it was there no longer for us to have. Your start date to sing?  June 6, 2021.

At my invitation, you are invited to sing, sing, sing!  Don’t just sing, but do it with a joyful noise! When you come back in the Sanctuary, plan on singing regardless of your expertise, and do it with gusto!  Your voice is welcomed.  Singing not your thing?  Speak the lyrics out loud. Rather pat your foot? Pat away! 

Let’s not take singing, or anything else for that matter, for granted.  Your voice is important whether you are singing, speaking, or using your voice for justice.

If you would like to know who is “living the dream,” I cannot tell you.  However, I can tell you to look up the movie “Florence Foster Jenkins” starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant.  Let me know what you think as you follow her story.

Musically Yours,
Becky Jones
Worship and Music Coordinator
Holy Cross Lutheran Church