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Whoa, Nellie!

September through May is musically full of wonderful things that we do here at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  So, that makes summer that much more important and a great time to say, “Whoa, Nellie!” It is nice to have a break from all the busy schedules and makes coming back in September super exciting as we start a new music “school” year. I’m calling it the  “Summer of 3 ‘R’s:’” Rejuvenate, Reflect, and Regroup.

Rejuvenate: So, my pace has changed for the summer, opening up time to seek new music.  During the year, I jot down ideas and titles of songs that I run across with the intention of exploring to see if they are a good fit for us at HCLC.   My “jots” are written on scrap papers that I put in a designated pile.  One by one, I go through them all finding some true winners.  It is a fun way to learn of new composers and singers and then introduce them to the congregation. Believe it or not, it is actually energizing researching new music.  Rejuvenate, my soul!

Reflect:  Looking back is a great way to help me plan for the next year.  I like to see how we can include everyone musically, whether it is singing, playing, or tapping your toe.  Make a joyful noise!  

Regroup:   Our music groups evolve every year due to personal schedules.  The Children and Youth Music has the most changes as kids come into the group and folks age out and advance to the next group.  Flexibility is the word. July is when the schedules are being thought out and put into place for a September start date.  By the first of August, music will be in place through December.  (Go ahead and ask….. Yes, I’ll be thinking about Lent/Easter come September.)

Yes, I am in a “Whoa, Nellie” frame of mind, but I am definitely in the “Rejuvenate, Reflect, and Regroup” mode!

Musically yours,

Becky Jones
Worship and Music Coordinator