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God is constantly at work in our lives and in our world, but most of us are not in the habit of noticing!  In confirmation last year, we began asking the students every week to share where they had seen God at work in their lives.  We did this every week, because the more we practice looking, the easier it becomes to see the miraculous things God is doing every day.

Here at Holy Cross, God is definitely at work!  The trick is for us to pay attention and to practice noticing it.  Then, when we SEE it, we need to be intentional about sharing what we see with others.  God is doing beautiful and amazing things within and through our congregation and I want people to know about it!

Here are a few places I have seen God at work lately:

  • God was at work in the hearts and lives of our children who attended VBS July 11- July 14 as they sang, and played, and learned together about God’s good creation and abounding love.  Just ask Adeline Gitt who, when she was asked to draw a picture of something she was grateful for, drew a picture of Holy Cross.
  • God was at work inspiring the 50+ people from Holy Cross who gathered together to march in the Heartland Pride parade on July 16th - using us as a sign of God’s love for all people and WOW-ing us with the power of God’s love in the thousands of people gathered there for the celebration.  My family and I marched for the first time and we were overwhelmed with the response - people running up to us to thank us for being there, applauding and yelling their appreciation at our signs of support and love.
  • God is at work impacting the lives of the 100’s of people who receive food from our food pantry each month and in filling up the hearts of those who volunteer to set up and distribute food.  There are people we only help once and others that rely on the extra food to make ends meet on a regular basis.  One man from the neighborhood picks up food every month to help his neighbor who is battling cancer.
  • God is at work welcoming newcomers to worship on Sunday - through kind smiles and warm introductions.  God is active and at work through the hands and voices of those who take the time to meet and get to know new faces.  I have been told by several people just this summer that Holy Cross was the most welcoming church they had ever visited.  What a wonderful expression of God’s love!

These are just a few examples of what God is busy doing here at Holy Cross.  Where do YOU see God at work?  Pay attention… practice noticing God’s activity in our community… and then tell a friend!  Share the story of where you see God’s activity in this place.


Pastor Heather Grell