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Knitting in The Narthex – Caring Ministry

Our group meets in the Narthex at Holy Cross from 1-2:30pm on Fridays. We have 7 members, 5 attend as able. The rest contribute and do their knitting at home. We would like to attract more members so we are open to additional times.
Our group knits: Prayer Shawls, Lap Robes, Christening Blankets and Prayer Squares. Open to new items.
This last year we gave away items to 6 members and 7 non-members
You can knit on your personal items or make something for the church family. We help each other and visit. We have received donations from Alicia Downard (Donna McCoy’s niece), Charlene Pilger.
Our present members: Nikki Weight, Alicia Glesne, Kelsey Ellis, Kelli Joseph, Irene Schnack, Vicar Misty Lampshire, Paula McDonald  
Questions, call or text Paula McDonald at 402-210-6040