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The summer months find us in the longest liturgical season of the church year.  A season known as, “Time after Pentecost,” which  lasts from the Sunday after Pentecost (hence the name!) until the Sunday before Advent.  This year that long stretch lasts from June 12 through November 20th.   During this lengthy season, our church color is green - the color of growth - and our scripture readings will come from the Gospel of Luke (with the exception of Reformation Sunday at the end of October).  Just coming off of the narrative lectionary that focused on the overarching themes of the Bible, we are now being plunged into the one season of the church year that has no unifying theme!  Each week the texts will bring us a different focus and a different lens into God’s Word.

  • Aug 7        9th Sunday after Pentecost    Luke 12:32-40       
  • Aug 14    10th Sunday after Pentecost    Luke 12:49-56
  • Aug 21    11th Sunday after Pentecost    Luke 13:10-17
  • Aug 28    12th Sunday after Pentecost    Luke 14:1,7-14