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Still Green!  August continues on in the longest liturgical season of the church year - a season known as, “Time after Pentecost” and often referred to as “the green season.”

During this lengthy season, as you might have guessed, our church color is green - the color of growth (with the exception of a few Holy Days sprinkled in there).  Despite the consistent color throughout, the time after Pentecost is the one season of the church year that has no unifying theme!  Each week the texts will bring us a different focus and a different lens into God’s Word.

  • August 6     10th Sun after Pentecost     Matthew 14:13-21
  • August 13   11th Sun after Pentecost     Matthew 14:22-33
  • August 20   12th Sun after Pentecost     Matthew 15:[10-20]21-28
  • August 27   13th Sun after Pentecost    Matthew 16:13-20