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This month we will finish the season of Epiphany with its focus on the revelation of who Jesus is and then begin our journey towards Easter with the season of Lent.  And this year we will end the epiphany season with our annual celebration of our identity as a Reconciling in Christ congregation.  Traditionally considered a high holy day, we will add to the festivities on this Transfiguration/RIC Sunday with special music by the River City Mixed Chorus.

  • Feb 5                    Epiphany 5                                       Matthew 5:13-20                    
  • Feb 12                  Epiphany 6                                       Matthew 5:21-37
  • Feb 19                  Transfiguration/ RIC Sunday!         Matthew 17:1-9
  • Feb 22                  Ash Wednesday                               Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21             
  • Feb 26                  Lent 1                                              Matthew 4:1-11