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After a month of in-person worship, we unfortunately need to put a temporary hold on worshiping in the building. As you may recall, the Congregation Council decided to use the Nebraska Synod recommendation of returning to in-person worship when the “Positive Cases per 100,000 per Day” is under 20. On Monday, March 29, the cases rose to 22. We will continue to monitor these numbers, and resume in-person, in the building worship as soon as it is safe.

Here's what this means for Holy Week and Easter. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday worship will be on Facebook Live only. Both worship services begin at 7:00 pm. The good news is that the weather forcast for Easter Sunday is sunny with a predicted high of 83. Therefore we will have Easter Worship in the parking lot! This has a number of benefits. We don't have to worry about a lack of seating in the sanctuary. People can remain in their vechicles if they prefer. And since we'll be outside, we can all sing!

At this point, we are not making any plans beyond Easter Sunday. We will wait and see what the COVID numbers do. Hopefully we'll be able to resume in-person, in the building soon.