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Have you ever had an epiphany?  A sudden revelation or insight?  Well on January 6th we will celebrate the day of Epiphany - the day we remember the revelation of Christ to the Magi, the beginning of new insight and understanding to our God.  The day of Epiphany falls on a Saturday this year, so on Sunday January 7th we will truly kick off the Epiphany season when we celebrate the baptism of Jesus.  The season of Epiphany focuses on the revelation of who Jesus is and lasts through the remainder of January and into February.  Epiphany will then culminate with the Transfiguration on February 11th.

  • Jan 7           Baptism of Our Lord               Mark 1:4-11                                     
  • Jan 14         Epiphany 2                              John 1:43-51                          
  • Jan 21         Epiphany 3                              Mark 1:14-20                         
  • Jan 28         Epiphany 4                              Mark 1:29-39