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Going Places!

Over a year ago, the new website was created that gave us tools to better connect with YOU!  Have you had a chance to peruse?  Everything is a “click” away.  Let me give you an idea of what there is to look for: 


You will see a live video of the mural that stands in the front of Holy Cross Lutheran Church:  A Reconciling in Christ Congregation of the ELCA; and the Current Worship Schedule

Menu Bar

About:  We are Holy Cross.

Worship page:  It engages you in the Worship Schedule and Worship Services, the Music Program, and the Prayground.  

Ministries:  Faith Formation:  Children, Youth,  Adult Learning

Serving Others:  Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity Neighborhood, Fellowship, and WELCA.

Events:  On-going, one-time activities, and future events

News:  What is happening at Holy Cross Lutheran Church?!?

Resources:  Missed a newsletter?  You can find it here.

Contact:  How to find us

Give:  An on-line oppportunity to give

Blog:  A highly recommended spot to hear from Pastor Jim, Kelsey Ellis, & Becky Jones

Coming Soon!
Live-Stream of Services on Website

You will be able to click and join the service LIVE straight from the website.  Stay with us as we get this up and going!

This is just a brief rundown of the website.  Need a diversion? Go to and CLICK away!