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In 2017, the Holy Cross Lutheran Church Council approved the addition of Pastor Heather Grell to our staff in the position of Supply Pastor. Her official duties (and pay) were minimal - preaching as needed, and doing some pastoral care. Although those were her only "official" duties, Pastor Heather became an active part of our congregation - building relationships, teaching First Communion classes, and so much more. 

When Pastor Jim Killough, our Senior Pastor for 16 years, accepted a new call in early 2022, Holy Cross Lutheran Church was facing a time of great change. In most congregations, an Interim Pastor would be provided by the Synod, and we'd get to work - adjusting to new temporary leadership and preparing to call a new Senior Pastor. Times like these can cause great turmoil and uncertainty within congregations, and even cause churches and their staff to slow down and lose steam.

Thankfully, Holy Cross Lutheran Church had someone very special in our midst. After a short time of discernment, Pastor Heather Grell accepted the Interim Pastor position. To have Pastor Heather's familiar presence, caring attitude, and understanding of our congregation was simply immeasurable during that transition time. She stepped in with courage and grace, taking on this new position leading a congregation she loves. 

After some time as the Interim Pastor and more discernment, Pastor Heather decided to enter her name as a candidate for our next Senior Pastor position here at Holy Cross. On Sunday August 27th 2023, the congregation voted to call Pastor Heather Grell as the next Senior Pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church. 

We are filled with joy, hope, and excitement to officially welcome Pastor Heather Grell as our Senior Pastor. Her installation service will take place on Sunday October 8th at 9:30 am, followed by a potluck celebration! Please plan to join us as we congratulate Pastor Heather on her new position as Senior Pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church!