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“...[the magi] set out; and there, ahead of them, went the star that they had seen at its rising, until it stopped over the place where the child was.  When they saw that the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy.” - Matthew 1:9-10

Christmas is a season that is loud in its celebration - full of hustle and bustle, parties, planning, and presents.  It can be filled with joy, but it can also be exhausting.  Many of us find ourselves worn out and in need of some quiet to recover and recupe.  Epiphany is a wonderful season for exactly that.

The day of Epiphany is January 6th and it is the day that we remember the magi following the star to meet Jesus.  It begins a small, quiet little season in the church year (the season of Epiphany) that is unassuming and lacking in fanfare.  But it is a season that invites us to pay attention to small details, like a twinkling star in the sky. 

The magi were spiritual mystics who paid attention to those kinds of details.  They noticed changes in the night sky and they listened for the still, small voice of God.  I am grateful for their story this season.  I am grateful for the reminder of how important it is to slow down and be quiet - to be quiet enough to notice God at work in the small things.  I am reminded of how important it is to stop - to stop and look at the stars, or marvel at the beauty of nature, or really lean into the hug of a loved one and feel their love. 

I am reminded of how often my own busy-ness can prevent me from experiencing God’s presence in my life and how important it is to slow down - to slow down and really listen; to slow down and pay attention; to slow down and be present for someone else.  I’m reminded of how important it is to make space and time for those moments where I encounter God in quiet, everyday moments.

This Epiphany (Jan 6-February 19), I invite you to take some time to stop.  Take some time to slow down.  And pay attention to the small, quiet moments in your life.  Wrap up in a blanket and go look at the stars.  Sit quietly with someone you love.  Watch the birds, listen to some music, spend time in quiet meditation, listen to the wind…  Whatever it is and however you find it, I invite you to pay attention to the small things and notice where they might lead you to God.