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 The cross transforms and takes on many colors to reflect the season of Lent all the way through Easter.  If you have noticed, the cross itself has had several transformations. 

Last year, a collection of crosses hung behind the Altar so that they were visible during FB Live.   The larger cross was made of fallen sticks that were gathered from outside.  Though the cross was bare, the beautiful paper flowers that you made became part of the cross for Easter.  The cross made from sticks was transformed to Easter.

This year, our cross has been transformed again.  Rohn Collins created the cedar wood cross that you have been seeing every Sunday in the Sanctuary.  It has been made so that one person can carry the cross and assemble it.  I am thrilled with the ingenuity of Rohn and making this happen. The cross is now safer to handle and has allowed for the visual to be more intimate. It is currently draped in purple for Lent to be followed by black for Good Friday and then white for Easter. 

Rohn is an expert wood carver and makes beautiful pieces.  His works are exquisite. To see more of Rohn's works, go to his website:     Thank you, Rohn, for sharing your gift of carving with us!