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Reminder: Designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars!!

All Thrivent Benefits members are allowed to help designate where Thrivent sends part of their charitable donations every year.  Please consider choosing Holy Cross to receive your Thrivent Choice dollars.  

The deadline for designating where your 2022 funds are sent is March 31, 2023

Here’s how:

1. Visit 
2. In the “GET STARTED” section on the right, click Direct Thrivent Choice Dollars®. 
3. Log in by entering your user ID and password. (If you haven’t yet registered on, click “Register for account access.”) 
4. Choose the organization to which you want to direct Choice Dollars: 
     a. To direct to a previous organization:
          • Click “Direct Now” next to the organization’s name, or
          • Click on the “View activity history” link, scroll down and click on the name of the desired organization.
     b. To direct to a new organization, enter keyword(s) like organization name, ZIP code, cause, etc. Click “Search.” 5. Choose “Direct All” or enter a specific number and click “Direct Now.” Follow the prompts on the confirmation page to direct Choice Dollars.

By phone
1. Call 800-847-4836 and when prompted, say “Thrivent Choice.”
2. Press 1 to direct Choice Dollars (If prompted, say or enter your phone number and date of birth.)
3. A representative will work with you to direct Choice Dollars.

One more way that you can help fund the mission and ministry of Holy Cross!