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Breathe With Me

December - a month of waiting. As we wait for Emmanuel - God with us, take some time to breathe. 

The following prayer and breath prayer comes from one of my favorite Instagram accounts - Black Liturgies. Cole Arthur Riley is a black poet, writer and liturgist who writes beautiful prayers and liturgy. I have found so much comfort in her words during the last year. 

Cole Aurther Riley writes this Advent prayer,

"God of the long and aching wait,

This year has swelled with the grief and loss and longing of many. We want so much more than the present condition of this world. Where are you? There are seasons when it becomes difficult to believe in your nearness. Would you make it known to us now? That as we carry each other through this season, we would find miracle in the mundane, tiny sacred flashes of good as we wait for a healing that lasts. Help us to dream. That we would find even our prayers grown large in this season, asking for those things which we have marked off as foolish or naive. Help us to dream, not that we would pine for some mirage of how things used to be but that we would hold space for visions of life and societies where justice can breathe, where power is mobile, and were liberation leaves no soul behind. Come, Lord. And we will wait."

Inhale: God, my soul tembles
Exhale: Steady me as I wait.  

"If only You would tear open the heavens and come down, so that the mountains would quake at your presence." 
-Isaiah 64:1


As the weather turns colder, Confirmation has moved online! Parents, please keep an eye on your emails for the link to join in our Confirmation classes at 6:00 on Wednesday evenings. Thank you for being flexible as we navigate our way through this. 

Youth Group

It's getting colder, and that means our bonfires are coming to an end. We are taking things week by week - if it's too cold for a bonfire, we will do an online check in. If the weather is warm enough to bundle up and be together outside around a fire, we'll do that. Please keep an eye on emails, text messages and social media outlets for weekly plans and updates. I appreciate your flexibilty during these times!

Blessed Advent to you!