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SUMMER TIME is officially here! I hope you are able to get outside - to enjoy God's creation, and have some family fun in the sun! Need a few fun outdoor activity ideas for this summer? Here are a couple fun, FREE ideas...

Outdoor Family Fun

Carol Joy Holling Camp: Our local Lutheran camp is the PERFECT place to spend the day - or the weekend! Anyone is welcome to head out to camp for a day in God's creation. Check in at the designated area, and enjoy hiking the multiple trails around camp, fishing at the lake, and spotting the wildlife all around you! For those of you who are looking for more of a weekend getaway, Carol Joy Holling has a family campground that is open AND they are offering a "CJH Family Getaway" package. Stay in their beautiful retreat center - meals, games, and nature all included! For more information, click here

Backyard Campout: Does your family have a tent? Put it to use in your backyard! Grab your blankets, pillows, lanterns, and spend the night outside under the stars. The best part? You'll have a bathroom close by!

Water Fun: With the absence of our VBS/Day Camp this year, one thing I'm missing is all of our water game fun! Here are just a few you can try to recreate with your own family:

  1. Water Balloon Toss: Fill up water balloons, start 5 feet apart and play catch with the water balloon! Keep moving farther apart, and see how far you can get without dropping the balloon! For a more challenging twist - play 'hot potato' style!
  2. Frozen T-shirt: Soak some old t-shirts in water, and throw them in the freezer for a day. The first one to unthaw a shirt and put it on WINS!
  3. Cup to Cup: You'll need a plastic cup for each family member, and two buckets. Place a bucket full of water on the ground, and sit down in a single line behind the bucket. Place an empty bucket behind the last person in line. The first person fills their cup, and without turning around, tries to dump their water into the cup of the person behind them, and so on. Can you fill the empty bucket at the end of the line? Or just get your family soaked with water? 


2020 Sunday School Offering

Thank you to everyone who brought offering during the 2019-2020 Sunday School year! Together, you raised $104.71 for Lutheran Family Services' Refugee Reception & Placement. Thank you for serving God's people in this way!


It's been so nice to see some of your faces at Parking Lot Worship this summer, and through social media. I am praying for you all, and hope you have a great summer!

With love,