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Sunday School

Sunday mornings are a little chillier outside, and the leaves are turning - we are officially in OCTOBER! It has been so great to see you in the parking lot after worship, in your cars, and online for our short Sunday School time! Here is the Sunday School Lesson schedule for the month of October:

  • October 4: The Promises of Passover
  • October 11: The Golden Calf
  • October 18: Hannah Promsises Samuel to God
  • October 25: God's Promise to David

Sunday School lessons will be posted on our Holy Cross Faith Formation Facebook Group and emailed to parents every Friday. Use these lessons as a springboard for your own faith conversations at home - change whatever is needed to fit your family! We will continue to meet after Parking Lot Worship for a quick lesson time and music + movement with Becky through the month of October! Dress warm, and we'll see you there!

Prayer Partners

We are still searching for caring adults to serve as Prayer Partners for our elementary age children. Our goal is that they get to know one another and pray for each other througout the school year. Maybe this is through snail mail, waving to each other at Parking Lot Worship, or a zoom chat between the two families. We hope that this program can create long lasting relationships in our congregation! If you are interested in being a Prayer Partner for one of our young people, please email me and I will get you on our list!

Congregation Campfire

You and your families are invited to join us to celebrate the Fall season with a Congregation Campfire on Sunday October 18th! The event will be held out at Carol Joy Holling Camp from 4-7 pm, with lots of space for us to spread out and explore. Please bring your own chairs and Hot Dog/S'mores to roast over the fire. For more information about the event, please click here.

Trunk N Treat Canceled

After a lot of thought, we have decided to cancel this year's Trunk N Treat event at church. Read the full article, along with some SPOOKY-fun Halloween alternatives here.