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Breathe With Me

This month's breath prayer comes from the book To Light Their Way by Kayla Craig. It is a wonderful collection of prayers for parents. This particular prayer stuck out to me as the fall season draws near. Kids of all ages are going back to school, teachers are heading back into the classroom excited but often nervous, and parents are learning to let go as their children grow. There are a lot of feelings around the fall season as things change and a new routine begins. Homework starts, auditions and try outs begin, there are new schools and new people. It can often be scary and overwhelming.

The Bible story that goes with this breath prayer is the story of Jesus walking on water. In John 6, we read about Jesus' disciples hopping in a boat and heading out onto the sea. It was dark, and the waters became rough. The wind was rushing, and the waves were crashing. I imagine the disciples' hearts beating fast as the uncertainty of the evening set in. How will we make it to the other side? They started rowing for shore, their boat pounded by the wind and rain - hearts racing. But then, in the midst of the crashing waves and wind and uncertainty - there was Jesus, walking towards them on the water. "It's me, don't be afraid." Jesus says.

I love this image of Jesus appearing in the midst of wind and rain and nerves and uncertainty. What a great reminder to us that Jesus is there when our world is swirling out of control. Jesus comes to us in many ways - through a hug from a friend, through a smile in the hallway, through 10 minutes of quiet and peace after a busy day, or even through a breath of fresh air after being in class all day. Jesus comes to us and reminds us we aren't alone. 

Let's take some time to breathe. Relax, and find your breath. When you're ready, pray with me:

Inhale: I see You in the wind and the rain,

Exhale: I will not be afraid.

Repeat that breath prayer as many times as you would like. End your meditation time with one long inhale and one extra long exhale.

John 6: 16-21

(Breath prayer taken from To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers & Liturgies for Parents by Kayla Craig


We will begin Confirmation again on Wednesday September 14th at 6:00 pm. Our Wednesday schedule will be as follows:

6:00-6:25pm  Learning Time
6:30-7:00pm  Worship
7:05-7:30pm  Learning Time

Here is the Confirmation schedule for the month of September:
September 14: Pantry Prep/Group Bonding Activities
September 21: Intro to the Bible
September 28: Creation

Here is the Acolyte schedule for the month of September:
September 4: Tyler G.
September 11: Blythe B.
September 18: Hanson D.
September 25: Piper F.

Confirmation Night Out!

Lord of Love Lutheran Church and Holy Cross Lutheran Church are teaming up for a Confirmation Night Out at Bellevue Berry Farm! Join us for a Haunted Hayrack Ride, a Haunted House, and a bonfire and FOOD! All the details can be found HERE. The permission slip has been emailed out and can be found on the back wall of the Narthex as well as the event page on the website.

Faith Milemarkers

Our walk in faith is a journey. And along that journey are some important milemarkers. Join us as we celebrate one of those important Faith Milemarkers! On Sunday September 11th, our friends entering 6th Grade will be presented with their Confirmation Bibles. I hope you can join us as we welcome them to Confirmation with this important Faith Milemarker!

Youth Group

Youth Group will begin again on Wednesday September 14th from 7:00-8:00 pm. Each Wednesday will look a little different - we'll do bonfires, get to know one another, and throw in some "Faith Lens" Bible devotions. My hope is that our time together can be spent building meaningful relationships, having fun, and learning in a safe space where all feel welcomed and valued. 

Fall Music Opportunities

If you are in 6th-12th grade and are musically inclined - we have opportunities for you! Not only could we use your singing or instrument playing in worship on Sunday mornings, but Becky has some other fun opportunities for you that you can find HERE. 

Panera Youth Fundraising Night

On Sunday September 25th, when you eat at Panera Bread on 149th & Maple, you'll be helping our Youth Group! CLICK HERE for full details and the necessary flyer.

Save the Date!

Our annual Fall Craft Fair is set for Saturday November 19th from 9a-3p. This is a youth fundraiser and all junior high and high school youth are invited to help! Please mark your calendars so you can dedicate a couple hours of that day to helping. Thank you!