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This forum is centered around individuals who interact with children in any capacity: friend, neighbor, family member, community member, parent, grandparent, childcare provider. Some of the content that we’ll discuss: 

  • What is a picture book?
  • How do picture books work? 
  • How can I use a picture book to discuss difficult topics? 

Communicating through picture books is an adult forum centered on how to engage in difficult topics with children through the use of a picture book. 

As a parent, I don't always have the answer or know exactly what to say when my child asks a question. Especially a question that I'm not prepared to answer. I find myself fumbling for words to say at the moment. Usually, I replay our dialogue back through my thoughts afterwards often feeling inadequate and unsure of if I said the “right” thing. 

  • Did I actually answer the question? 
  • And if my response reflects my faith beliefs, why do I feel uneasy? 

Honestly, I get caught up in a cycle of thinking that looks a bit like..

  • Did I answer correctly? 
  • Maybe I should have said more. Yeah, I should have explained better. 
  • Maybe I covered too much. 
  • I'm not even sure that I made sense. 
  • How did I learn this?

Upbringing is hard work! There’s no “one-way” to childrearing. What I have learned though, is that engaging successfully with children often requires having at least thought about the answers to life's questions beforehand. 

Come join us. We’re figuring it out together.