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'Tis the season of making summer plans! I know I've been thinking about it for my own children, and I'm sure some of you are too. I wanted to pass along a couple upcoming opportunities at Carol Joy Holling Camp for 1st-5th graders.
  1. Explore! Day Camp - April 22nd, $25: This is a one day camp opportunity from 9:00am - 3:30pm. It's a perfect little taste of camp for those who have never been. A little adventure, a little creative arts, a little faith formation - all wrapped up in one fun day! I already have my daughter Emmy (2nd grade) signed up for it if anyone wants to join her (and I'm happy to help with transportation)! Click here to check it out.
  2. Mini Week Overnight Camp - July 5-7, $250: We currently have 5 Holy Cross elementary age kiddos signed up to attend Mini Week at Trailhead July 5-7, 2023. And one 4th grader signed up to attend Mini Week at The Grove. This is a great option for kids who want to try an overnight camp, but not quite ready for a full week yet. Click here to check it out.
  3. On Site Summer Day Camp - $200: Last year, we had a group of kids attend Carol Joy Holling's Day Camp and they LOVED it. So far this year, we don't have anyone from Holy Cross signed up for it, but it is highly recommended! It runs M-F, 8a-4p. There are a couple sessions available. Click here to check it out. 
A couple things to note: 
  • Do not let price be an issue. If you'd like your child to experience camp, but money is tight, please reach out to me. We have Camperships available through our Endowment Board! 
  • PLEASE reach out with questions you may have about camp. The schedule, the accomodations. I used to be the Director of Programs at Carol Joy Holling, and am happy to help!
Spending time in God's creation can be such a formative experience in the faith lives of young people. I hope you will consider signing up for a camp session this spring or summer! Reach out with questions!
Director of Faith Formation