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Breathe With Me

School is officially out and summer is HERE! If your family is anything like mine, the calendar is already starting to fill up with camps, summer school, family vacations, gathering of friends.... the list goes on. All school year, we wait for summer. And now that it's here, it feels a little busy and overwhelming - sure to fly by quickly! 

I want to encourage you to SLOW DOWN this summer. Take some time and breathe. Enjoy the sunshine - heck, enjoy the cloudy days and the rain. Look for God's presence around you. In blooming flowers, in the shadows of trees, in the kindness of a friend, in the love of your neighbor.

We spend so much time running from activity to activity. Sport to sport. Class to class. It is important to make the time to slow down and breathe. To rest in God's presence. 

Let's take some time right now - wherever you're reading this from, to breathe. 

Inhale: I am here, I am still.

Exhale: Help me feel your arms around me.

Repeat that breath prayer as many times as you would like. End your meditation time with one long inhale and one extra long exhale.

"Be still, and now that I am God! I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth."
Psalm 46:10



Confirmation class is officially over for the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you so much to parents and students for hanging with us and rolling with the weekly changes due to the pandemic. It was a strange year, but we are grateful to have spent time with you - however that looked! We are hoping to get together for some fun activities this summer, so keep an eye on your emails. 

Last month, we celebrated our new 8th Grade Class during their Affirmation of Baptism. CLICK HERE to read their Faith Journey statements. 

Senior Recognition 

Last month we celebrated our Class of 2021! CLICK HERE to read a little more about their plans for the future!

2021 Summer Youth Trip

Registration for our 2021 Summer Youth Trip to Lake of the Ozarks is LIVE! The registration deadline was April 1, however there are quite a few who have expressed the fact that they are coming on the trip and have yet to register. CLICK HERE to register for our trip to the lake June 20-24, 2021. 

Youth Group

Youth Group is officially over for the 2020-2021 school year. Thank you so much for hanging in there with us as plans changed every week! David & Kelsey are hoping to gather once a month throughout the summer with the youth group - so keep an eye on your emails and text messages!

Carol Joy Holling Summer Camp

If your high school youth is looking for something to do this summer, I encourage you to check out Carol Joy Holling Camp! Your high school youth will become a part of a faith community, spend time in God's creation, create, learn and explore. There on on site camp choices, an option to take a road trip to northern Wisconsin, AND a Colorado backpacking trip! CLICK HERE to view the opportunities available for high school youth this summer at camp!